13 tháng 4, 2017




       Clause 1: Common rules

  1. All of students must wear boarding card while go in or out of the dormitory; students' guests, relatives, and friends need permission security guards to visit the students in the dormitory.
  2. Seriously follow all the management and room arrangement activities of dormitory monitor.

      Clause 2: Living rules

  1. Open/Close time of student dormitory

     - Open time: 5:00am;

- Close time: 11:00pm

- Lunch break time: 12:00am – 1:20pm

- Self study time: 7:30am – 11:00am and 2:00pm – 4:30pm.

  1. Do not organize or participate in drinking alcohol, playing gamble and other types of gamble. Do not smoke in dormitory campus.
  2. Do not write, hang paper and other tools on the wall; do not hang blinds and hammocks in living room, dormitory and public places. Clothes, books and personal belongings must be tidily arranged and put in right place.
  3. Students can only play sport in right places. Do not play sport inside the room, corridor, balcony, public room and road.

Clause 3: Security rules

  1. Do not conceal strangers in room. When relatives visit, students have to inform and get the permission from security guards.
  2. Do not create, store or use weapon, explosive substances, stimulants, addictive substances and drug, documents and cultural products that are not legally allowed. Follow fire prevention rules.
  3. Do not conceal, shelter crimes and forbidden goods. Do not participate in fighting or stimulate other in fighting.

      Clause 4: Preservation of property rules.

  1. Do not relocate properties, equipments from original places. Do not repair or renovate rooms or change the original structure, or add the other equipments that has been provided without the permission of domitory management board. 
  2. Use electricity and water economically. Students must preserve their properties by themselves. Students must be responsible for the compensating for any damage or loss caused by them. Strictly forbid acts of sabotage or theft of properties of public or other people.
  3. Students are responsible for handing over the room to the dormitory manager before leaving for holiday and the end of the renting period.

Clause 5: Living environment protection rules

  1. Keeping the rooms, corridors, balconies clean and tidy; fully participate in environmental sanitation activities when assigned.
  2. Dumping the garbage from 6:00pm to 6:00am of the next morning and at right places. 



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